The Makonde art.

A modern sculpture style achieved from years 50 for the economic reasons.

This sculpture represents a " tree of life "; members of an extended family, including the present generations had happened supporting a the other, generation after generation around the family's ancestor.

Although modern in its style, without relation with the art traditional Makonde, the topic of this sculpture is entirely indigenous.

 MAKONDE (Tanzania)



Another facet of the sculpture modern Makonde that would seem to rather evoke minds and demons of the old homeland; the Mozambique or the ancestral mind cult is there more vivacious.

 MAKONDE (Tanzania)



 Modern sculpture

 . (Gabon)



 Mother with her child

 BAOULE (Ivory Coast)



 Akua mma

Doll asante expressing the ideal ashanti of beauty. it is

carried by the pregnant women who must not put the

eyes on a being or a malformed object for fear that their child

resemble to them. To the inverse, while looking at this expression of beauty idealized, it is supposed to encourage the beauty of their offspring.

 ASHANTI (Ghana)







"Before you ash a man for clothes, look at the clothes that he is wearing "

 (Nigeria: Yoruba proverb)