Mask facial lomane of the je (dyè) group

Mask intervening at the time of ceremonies coming with the burial

of an age wall man. Fourth of the seven masks je, the lomane dances

above him and the touches. This mask would destroy worms devouring

the body. Its intervention would be therefore assimilated to a symbolic purification."

YAOURE  (Ivory Coast)



YAOURE (Ivory Coast)


Facial mask tu bodu of the je (dyè) group

"One of the two families of masks that must help to influence the

supernatural strengths (yu) responsible of man pains but

as of their prosperity. Emblem of the yu masks are considered

as extremely dangerous and must be manipulated with the biggest cares."

YAOURE (Ivory Coast)


Facial mask

"This mask gu represents a rich woman because it is not able to anythingto carry on the head because of her very elaborate hairdressing. Being able to accomplish no physical task, she cannot dedicate herself that to the trade."

GOURO (Ivory Coast)


"Until lions have their own historians, tales of  the hunt shall always glorify

  the hunter " (Nigeria: Igbo proverb)