"These masks embody strength spiritual supernatural named gle

who lives in the forest and wish to participate in the life of the village.

The presence of masks is required to every meaningful event ."

DAN (Ivory Coast)



Deangle mask


" Feminine, understanding mask, of oval shape, the cleft eyes, the forehead,

divided until the nose by a vertical pad, the protuberant lips, often ajar on teeth in metal . When it acts as mediator between the young people under initiation

and the village, it carries the name of bonagle; it doesn't dance doesn't sing but comes to look for food by women of the village with who it jokes ".

DAN (Ivory Coast)




DAN (Ivory Coast)




BAMILEKE (Cameroon)



"If all seeds that fall were to grow, then no one could follow the path under the trees "
(Proverb Akan)"