Mask cimier zazaigo

"Zazaidos represent the totemic animals met by forebears in the bush and are used for funeral ceremony but also for simple entertainment."

MOSSI (Burkina Faso)



Mask skullcap hippotrague


'This mask embodies the mind of the "Nyanga" antelope that saved a founding ancestor of clan one day. Its role is to escort the Nwenkes masks at the time of their apparitions. This mask antelope meets today country-wide Bobo and is not anymore solely reserved blacksmiths'..



BOBO (Burkina Faso)



Mask calao carried by the young people initiated at the time of the

funeral ceremony or to hunt the harmful mind village.

NUNA (Burkina Faso)



Karanga mask
The karanga masks appear during funeral occasions to accompany the dead to their tombs or, placed on familial altars, they play a role of an instrument of communication with the dead. Their task is also to protect wild plants, whose use is collectively regulated.

MOSSI (Burkina Faso)



"It is the woman whose child has been eaten by a witch who best knows the

evils of witchcraft " (Proverb Nigerian)'